Infuse 50ml 0mg

Steam Island IoW LTD


50ml nicotine FREE liquid in 60ml shot ready bottle

FREE Nic Shot with every bottle


Blueberg eliquid is a fruity and minty blend of taste, that is both cool and sharp at the same time. On inhale a sharp blueberry flavour is detectable, this is swiftly followed by a rolling wave of ice to finish.


Bubblicious eliquid, is a fruit flavoured mix. Packed with authentic tasting bubble gum, with a distinctive banana and strawberry flavour profile, providing a light yet sweet vape.

Currant Blast

Currant Blast eliquid shows that keeping it simple is no bad thing. A deep and sweet blackcurrant flavour is present on both inhale and exhale, which borders on tart with a sugary finish.


Grapetastic eliquid has a strong yet pleasant aroma as soon as you open the bottle, this is fusion of both light and dark grape flavours. Both are ripe tasting, with the dark having a sweeter taste, the two combine to create a layered taste.

Lemon Pop

Lemon Pop is a blend of ripe tasting lemons that are equal parts sweet and citrus, with a lemonade flavour that is light and fizzy, leaving a tangy aftertaste. These flavours mix when vaped creating a unique beverage ejuice.

Lychee & Grapefruit 

Lychee Grapefruit eliquid has dominant sugary and tart notes throughout. The grapefruit itself is sweet with a bitter edge, that leads into a citrus taste. The lychee is delicate with a floral finish that is still sweet.

Orange Breeze

Orange Breeze eliquid is a vibrant blend of sweet and sour. The orange flavour has a subtle sugary note to it, while not losing any of the citrus associated with the fruit, creating a balanced taste

Peach Bull

Peach Bull eliquid is a strong and aromatic fruit flavour, there is a sweet and ripe tasting peach flavour making up the body of this ejuice; with an added secret ingredient that gives it an almost syrupy aftertaste.

Peach Crush

Peach Crush eliquid is simple yet full of flavour, made up of a sweet peach flavour, this juicy fruit based eliquid has depth and the peach has an authentic taste that is very sweet but not overpowering, leaving a ripe aftertaste.

Tropica Fusion 

Tropica Fusion eliquid combines tropical fruit flavours for a vape that has clear notes of sweet mangoes and pineapple, with just a hint of passionfruit on exhale.

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