Mr. Juicer 0mg 50ml

Steam Island IoW LTD


50ml 0mg nicotine in 60ml bottle, nic shot ready

Mojito Forest  - Kick back and enjoy the refreshing authentic taste of mojito without the alcohol

Berry Crunch Hazelnut – This rare and unique combination of blackberries, sweet strawberries, and creamy hazelnut, leaves you wishing it was your creation.

Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream – A taste blend of mint, and chocolate ice cream that is sure to become one of your favourites vapes.

Butterscotch Custard – A rich and sweet buttery butterscotch entwined with decadent milky, served up with lashings of creamy custard.

Strawberry Jam – Homemade fruity strawberry jam flavour made with love and care you will love it just as much as us!

Blueberry Jam – A Fruity sticky Blueberry jam flavour a very moreish vape



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