EFEST 21700 35A 3700mAh

Steam Island IoW LTD


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Li-Mn Rechargeable Battery - perfect for vaping devices that require a 21700 Battery. With a huge 3700mAh and 35A

High Power and High Quality as expected from Efest. 


1 x 21700 (3700mAh 35A) Efest Battery


Model: IMR 21700
Rated Capacity: 3700mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.7v
Voltage at end of discharging: 2.5v
Max charging current: 4A
Standard charge: 2A
Discharging current: 35A
Charging temperature range: 0-45 °C
Discharging temperature range: -20-75 °C
Inner Resistance: 20mΩ
Cell Size: 21 ( ± 0.2) mm x 70 ( ± 0.2) mm

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