Greeneo CBD

Steam Island IoW LTD


10ml bottles in 4 different strengths.

• Capacity: 10ml
• Stopper with pipette
• Child safety
• Without THC
• No nicotine
• Without animal extract


All ingredients used are food grade.
• Propylene glycol 80%
• Vegetable glycerine 20%
• Natural Terpenes
• 100, 200, 400 and 800mg CBD extract of hemp grown biologically in Europe

Pineapple Express

This hybrid developed through the cross "Skunk + Hawaii + TrainWreck"
with a variety Ruderalis offers a very popular plant with fruity flavours reminiscent of pineapple.
OG Kush

Originally from northern California, this variety that no longer shows has quickly become famous around the world for its special aroma and the strength of its effects.
Candy Jack
This hybrid developed through the cross "Skunk + Jack Herer" is the perfect balance between sweetness, acidity and power.
Grand Daddy Purple
This cross «Purple Urkle + Big Bud» has won many awards since 2003 thanks to its exceptional colours but especially its delicate and subtle flavors of grapes,
sweet wine and forest fruits.
Sour Diesel
The "Sour Diesel" is a variety with a mythical status and a mysterious origin.
Its unique and exotic taste mixed with the relaxing effects of CBD offers you
an unforgettable experience.

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