OHMBOY vol.2 SALTS 10ml

Steam Island IoW LTD


Proudly made in the UK
Available in 5mg and 10mg nicotine

Apple, Elderflower and Garden Mint
A combination of fragrant tastes. A crisp apple is complemented by a light elderflower and cool garden mint.

Cranberry Apple and Raspberry
A summer fruits medley. Cranberry and raspberry combine before a slight apple undertone complements on exhale.

Pear Apple and Raspberry
Complex fruit blend with a juicy taste. The sweetness brought by the apple and pear is countered by the sharper raspberry.

Pineapple Mango & Lime
A bold combination of sweet tropical fruits. Juicy tasting mangos and pineapples are complimented with a citrusy lime flavour.

Rhubarb Raspberry and Orange Blossom
Combination of tangy tastes. Rhubarb is fused with raspberry and topped off by a floral orange blossom.

Sweet Water Grape and White Peach
Fruit blend with a bold taste. A distinct white peach is combined with a bittersweet white grape.

Valencia Orange and Passion Fruit
A fruit blend featuring zesty notes. A juicy Valencia orange is combined with a tart passionfruit, creating a balanced flavour.

Wild Strawberry
A bold, one-note berry flavour. This e-liquid captures the authentic taste of juicy strawberries with a sharp note, noticeable on the exhale.

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