Old Faithful from The Yorkshire Vaper

Steam Island IoW LTD


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The newest range from The Yorkshire Vaper. A summer freshness to satisfy your thirst!

2x18mg nic shots included 

Classic 21 Old Faithful

The cards are down and money is on the table... A classic flavour of black jack candy.

Classic Blue Old Faithful

This one is an absolute classic, mixed fruits + menthol + aniseed. This juice took the industry by storm... and now it's back and it's even better than Walter White's alter ego in Breaking Bad...

Classic Pear Old Faithful

The quintessential sweet shop favourite, juicy and sweet pear drop candy flavour.

Classic Red Old Faithful

Another absolute classic in the vape world, this one is a mashup of red berries, black grape, eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol... It's enough to make you stare... Red... Red a stare...

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