The Ice Cream Man 0mg 50ml

Steampunk IoW


50ml Pre-mixed flavours

Absolutely nicotine free (0mg)

The Ice Cream Man concentrates are crafted on the Isle of Wight (in the UK), and they follow the exact same recipe as the popular E-Liquid from The Ice Cream Man, crafted on the very same island (the Isle of Wight)

Confused? Do not be.

Very flavourful, hand-crafted concentrated E-liquid.

Have a taste of the Island.

 All Ice Cream Man pre-mixed concentrates are in 60ml bottles


Pear Sorbet

This is the best pear desert juice there is. Ever.

Lemon and Lime Ice Cream

Absolutely refreshing, this lemon, lime, and vanilla ice cream is perfect for the summer days. 


Lemon Sorbet

The name speaks for itself. It's very, very lemony, and sweet as god.

Peach Ice Cream

Imagine that free holyday you won on a radio competition, and the only thing you had to pay for was the Peach Ice cream, as it was too precious to be given away for free...

Raspberry and Lime Twist

Yeah, it's a twist all right.

Raspberry Ripple

When your girlfriend get's the real Italian leather boots, the payback is not as good as this one.

Rhubarb Ice Cream

If you like Rhubarb, then you gonna vape this all day, and you will be back for more (no discounts are offered to returning customers for this concentrate. It's just too good)

Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberries, custard, and something else to add that extra zing.

Tropical Ice cream

All tropical fruits, mixed in a perfect storm of flavours. Typical islanders.

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