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Stab wood body, with FREE engraved tube and button.

Presenting an extension to the Wicket family, the Lite.
Following the Wicket Mod philosophy of a simple yet stylish, fully modular mod, the Lite comes in two sizes (18650 & 18350), powered by the RAM chip.
As with the original Wicket, you can easily change the tubes and the buttons on the go.
You can view these as mechanical devices in terms of durability as each component can be easily replaced if needed, including the electronics which are incorporated in a "pop in" cradle.
Technical specs:

-RAM powered - From 0.1Ω, battery dependent, lockable, short circuit protection, low voltage cutoff, led indicator on the bottom.
-Fully modular construction - Each component including the body can be replaced if needed.
-Interchangeable tubes and buttons - No tools needed.
-Lightweight - 18350 version 50g, 18650 version 70g.
-Compact - 18350 version 49x32x25mm, 18650 version 79x32x25mm.
-Affordable - £150 for the Bespoke 18350 version

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