Mölly V2 by L'Atelier

Mölly v2 by L'Atelier

Black frame units only expected by 19/2/18

Mölly the First was a success when it came out. So was its second version. Nice design, small size, made in Delrin while most of the boxes where 3D-printed... After their success, the Swiss modder L'Atelier is back with the lastest and improved version of Mölly v2!

A small BF full mech box

The design, between curved and broken lines, is harmonious. Small size, the box holds perfectly in hand, and gives a welcoming sport feel.

Mölly v2 by L' Atelier has an excellent manufacturing quality. The finishes are a step above the first version. The delrin body provides comfort and strength. The door, made of G10 (a glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin) is also very qualitative.

Simple and efficient bottom feeder

Mölly v2 by L' Atelier can be totaly dismentled and is equipped with copper contacts, which guarantee a good conductivity. The switch has also been developed to optimize conductivity. This one has been rethought to offer more stability, offering more comfort to users.

The Squonk Hole placed on the side is easy to use. A little pressure, and your favourite atomizer will be irrigated at best! The bottle position has also been rethought. It's now straight in position for a more optimal use.

Simple, small and effective, a great finish... Mölly v2 by L'Atelier definitely knows how to seduce its users!

Comes with Cappy R Medium

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