KINGSTON FRUITS 50/50 - 100ml

Steam Island IoW LTD


Delicious UK made flavors Nicotine free.
50/50 VG/PG ideal for Pod devices or starter kits.

NEW - New York Cheesecake

Smooth Vanilla cheesecake with a sweet Bisquit base

NEW - Custard Glazed Donut

Simple and smooth custard donut

NEW - Jam Roly Poly

The all-time family favorites.

NEW - Fruit Pastels

Try the irresistible taste of a childhood favorite. A chewy, fruity-flavored sweet bottled up.

Blackcurrant Raspberry Lemonade

BEST SELLER! Blackcurrant Raspberry fizz soda is a fizzy poptastic drink flavor. Made for a refreshing all day vape.

Gazillion Bubblegum

Kingston Bubblegum gazillions is a true bubblegum blend. Ideal for those who love a classic retro bubblegum taste.

Strawberry Lime

Unique combination. Very refreshing sharp and sweet flavour.

Apple Blackcurrant Ice

Smooth and sour flavor, with a bit of ice on inhale.

Orange and Mango Ice

tropical and cool, easy an all-day vape juice.

Grapeberry Ice

Grapes and Berries mixed to perfection, with a cool inhale.

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