Available now, one of the finest RTA of 2021

The structure of the Echo is easy to use, take apart and clean. We used multiple materials for O-rings to ensure the experience. In the tank part we used silicone O-rings, Viton for the Drip-tip and the airflow ring. We ran stress test for the one-piece part to guarantee the durability, thicken and harden the plastic parts ( between the chimney and the top cap, the thickness of the inner chamber and the airflow ring etc). We made the weight less also.
-For the plastic parts we only use high-quality materials, the Peek and the Ultem are all imported from Germany. For the second batch we will be making amber color Ultem1000 parts as well.
-We specially turned the airflow experience. There are four pillars located inside the bottom of the base to cut, accelerate the airflow and make it quieter.
-The gap between the chamber and the tank can let you fill easily. We tested another thing, you can go through the whole tank of juice without leaving some juice on the bottom of tank like some other RTAs.
-The angle of the Drip-Tip’s base had been specially designed to one purpose- as less condensations goes into your mouth as possible.
-The space and shape of the inner chamber had been tweaked as well, the goal is to maintain a great flavor as well as the constancy ( such as less chance your cotton got dyed by the condensations).

Air flow pins size included from 0.8mm to 2.4mm

9 Air flow pins in total

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