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As the boro market grows, and it remains in the high-end scene with full force, its only natural to see modders creating more for it. And some of the stuff coming out are fueled by dreams, and powered by imagination.
And with a sexy catalog like Armor Mods, what else should we expect from them to be next?
Versatile and flavorful are the first two things that comes to mind. And if we gonna begin with that, then disappointment is impossible.
Available now!

1x RBA (316 grade Stainless Steel)
1x 510 connector adapter
1x Armor Logo SS 510 drip tip nut/adapter key
1x 1.5mm Air Flow Pin
1x 2.0mm Air Flow Pin
1x 2.5mm Air Flow Pin
1x 3.0mm Air Flow Pin
1x 3.5mm Air Flow Pin
4.0mm Air Flow bore (no pin installed)
1x Spare silicone chimney o-ring set
4x Extra coil post grub screws

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