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The Psyclone Mods adventure

The adventure began in 2016 with the release of Hadaly, the atomizer that contributed to the popularity of single coil drippers among the general public. They forged themselves a solid reputation in the world of vape and continued their momentum with variations of this famous Hadaly. Entheon first, then Hadeon. There is only one watchword: taste, taste and more taste. Oh yes, simplicity of use too!

Citadel RDA obviously takes these elements, and improves them!

A sober and elegant design

We are not disoriented here, Citadel RDA charms us very much with its simple and sober design. Taking up the low line of the Hadaly, it offers itself a rounded top cap on the top. Curved shapes that are welcome!

Citadel is equipped with a black delrin drip tip, perfect to avoid the possible inconveniences associated with excessive heating during the steaming process.

Its base, 22mm diameter, offers maximum compatibility the current available material. The body remains in SS, ensuring sobriety and robustness.

Happiness by use

Faithful to its habits, Psyclone Mods brings new features to each product. And Citadel does very good:

Its most interesting feature is certainly its new, ultra-reduced room. Using a plug (a chamber reducer) in a way never seen before, it offers extraordinary performances.

It's very simple to use and versatile: the coils can be placed in any direction with ease thanks to a system of double-sided slotted studs. Designed for single coil, you can however use any type of resistive: from simple Kanthal to the thickest Alien. A Fused for example is perfect for this type of equipment!

Finally, concerning the airflow, it takes up the one so appreciated of Hadaly, by bringing up a welcome twist!

The packaging, very complete as usual with Psyclone Mods, is really impressive.

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