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The Convergent is a simple coil RDA that is designed to produce an extremely smooth vapour by means of 14 convergent nozzles. Airflow becomes higher velocity with lower temperature due to the reduced area in the convergent nozzles-therefore, less amount of air can cool down a coil in the RDA and produce rich flavour vapour. In order to evenly distribute the air to the coil, 7 convergent nozzles are located in each side of the coil. This creates an air shower effect to the coil which guarantees to cool down all areas of the coil. In addition, 14 convergent nozzles create a unique suction pressure suitable for mouth to lung vape.


Diameter: 22mm

Height: 18.5

Coil configuration: Single coil

Post hole size: 2mm

Driptip: 510

Coil guide: up to 3mm


Deck: PEEK

Airguild cap: PEEK

Cap: ss316

Negative and positive posts: ss316

Package includes:

Convergent RDA

10 hole air guide installed 

Two spare ss grub screws

One 16x1mm Oring

Two 17x1mm Orings

Atomiser pouch


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