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Illusia C series designed to be provide the vaping experience with single 18650 battery. Every Fakirs component is a fully custom made piece built by hand and each body is completely unique. All metal parts are Stainless Steel 316Ti. Body material; Olive Burl, Turkish Walnut Burl and Micarta Illusia C series are equipped with three different chipset , Dicodes BF60 chip, Evolve chipsets DNA 60 and Dna 100 C. Illusia C proposes several modes such as temperature control, boost, heat protection and bypass. Dicodes BF60 electronics – regulated 60W. Evolve DNA 60 electronics-regulated 60W . Evolv DNA 100 C electronics-regulated 100W Power, TC, Boost, Heater Protection, and Bypass modes 18650 battery compartment(battery not included)

Diameter: 23x38x84h

DNA60 version

Stab wood

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