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Full Mech Version (no mosfet inside)

A modular and attractive tube which depending on your choice of insert can accommodate 18350 or 18650 batteries, be MECH or MOSFET.
- The base tube common to all versions, made of SS316L with 5.5cm height **
- The base tube also designed in an oval shape to accommodate a more comfortable usage and handling
- A ball-bearing mounted SS316L battery cap is provided for a smooth battery replacement. The cap is also equipped with a power safety mechanical lock.
- There are two versions of 510 power distribution caddies to choose from. One mechanical version without any protection and other a Mosfet version to enable regulated and protected power output. These caddies are snapped into the top section of the base tube, without requiring any tool.
- Next are the choices of 18650 or 18350 power helmet inserts to allow for use of more powerful 18650 vs 18350 batteries for a more stealth style of vaping.
The height of 18350 power helmet insert is 0.5cm (assembled), whereas the height of the 18650 power helmet insert assembled is 2.7cm. **

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