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The Freehand M Morta is the most exclusive Freehand so far. The Morta is made by a block of wood found in the 70's on the bed of the Great Morava river in Serbia. The wood is dated to be over 7000 years old, and it has been stabilized to seal off it's naturally occurring porous structure. The wood itself resembles of stone.
3 Units only ever made, and are available to purchase from Steam Island UK.
These Freehand M's are extremely rare, and they can be fully appreciated once is in your hands.

The Freehand M, a fully modular mod by Limelight Mechanics

Following the design language of the legendary Freehand S, the Freehand M have a Modular construction with interchangeable components including the chips (between Evolv DNA60 and Dicodes BF60)
These mod is engineered so each component is removable and replaceable while the button and tube can be changed without any tools, providing a high level of customization and a perfect match of visible components.
One can literally take the mod completely apart and put it back together in 5 minutes.


Limelight’s unique 510 system which offers fewer parts, less weight and takes less space
Liquid proof 510 with dual O-rings (internal sliding cradle O-ring and 510 to body contact O-ring)
Interchangeable tubes and buttons without tools needed.
Compact size:Freehand M - 79X40X28mm
Lightweight at just 85g (Excluding battery)
Unibody, no faceplate, no top plate, no bottom plate, no battery cover
Integrated 24mm catch cup (22mm ring included)

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