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The newest from Hussar Vapes Vape Family. Bringing you the best experience we crafted so far. With angle-adjustable airflow to hassle free refilling Gobby is an all around complete atty.
Gobby RTA Specification:

– 316L and 304L Stainless Steel
– Gold Plated Brass Post and Positive Pin for best conductivity
– Gold Plated Angle-Adjustable Insert
– The most precise Locking Mechanism for hassle and wiggle free experience.
– Single Side Airflow
– Big Juice holes to prevent any possible dry hits.
– Juice Flow Control – Fully Open, Fully closed for leakproof filling
– Top Fill with massive juice holes
– 2 - 4.5 Capacity

Hussar Gobby RTA Contents of the package:

– 1x Gobby RTA
– 1x Polished Ultem Or PMMA Drip Tip and Tube
– 1x Deck
– 1x Insert 2x 1.8 mm

– Package of spares:
– 2x M2x4 Stainless Steel Screws.
– 2x NBR70 17×1
– 2x NBR70 18×1
– 2x NBR70 6×1
– 1x NBR70 2.5×1
– 1x Silicone Red 17×1
– 1x Silicone Red 18×1
– 2x Silicone Red 6×1

– 1x Stainless Steel Serial Number Token For Gobby RTA matching the Atomizer.

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