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The HAAR RTA is a collaboration between Van & Del Design and Todd’s Reviews.

The name for the RTA comes from a sea fog that occurs on the East Coast of Scotland and the logo that is engraved in the tank and AFC is a frequently used symbol representing a Haar.


Top filling
Liquid control
Adjustable Air flow DL-MTL
High heat resistance materials
Build deck is accessible without a need to empty the tank
DL and MTL drip tip included
Allen Key, spare O rings and grub screws included.


Main: Stainless Steel AISI 316L
O-rings: Viton
Insulators: Ketron Peek
Top Fill Seal: Black silicone Food Grade
Tank & Drip Tip: PC1000


Height: 40mm
Diameter: 22mm
Liquid Volume: 4ml
Fill method: Top fill
Air Flow: Dual sided
Airhole Sizes (selectable): 1 x 1.6mm/1 x 4mm/1 x 1.2mm
Large Drip tip: Inner bore 6mm – Height 7.6mm
MTL Drip tip: Inner bore 3.5mm – Height 9.6mm
Deck depth: 5.7mm
Grub Screws: |
510: SS M3.0 Thread
O ring AFC Section: 2 x 18*16*1
O Ring tank Section: 2 x 20*18*1
O Ring lower top section: 1 x 8*6*1
O Ring upper top section: 1 x 9*7*1
O Ring Drip tips: 2 x 8*6*1
Top Cap insert: 2.0mm Silicone
Manufactured in Hong Kong

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