KAYFUN LITE PLUS (2021) 24mm

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Kayfun Lite [Plus] 2021 RTA by SvoëMesto

With the Kayfun Lite [Plus] 2021, SvoëMesto has picked up the design of the Kayfun [Lite] 2019, and further improved it. Special attention was paid to the criticisms of existing Kayfun [Lite] 2019 users, to deliver an even better atomizer.

The goals of these improvements are:
•Improved performance for MTL setups, especially with very restrictive airflow arrangements. Setups with 1.0mm of airflow or less, is referred to as "MTL+".
•Improved sealing, particularly to the 510 connector, eliminating issues of liquid leaking through the connector in to the mod.
•Downward compatibility to Kayfun [Lite] 2019 tank accessories.
•Easy upgrade for Kayfun [Lite] 2019 customers, to migrate to these new functions and features.
•Improved value

New Kayfun Lite [Plus] 2021 Features At A Glance:
•AEROKON Air Flow Control
•MTL Drip Tip Figura also included, along with the original stainless steel Lite 2019 drip tip
•Dome+ Tank now included
•Window section for SS/window arrangement, is now made of PSU (polysulfone) for higher chemical resistance, even greater than PEI (Ultem) while maintaining close to a white colour of the PMMA (Ice) options.

For the Kayfun Lite [Plus], the atomizer base was completely overhauled and equipped with a revolutionary air flow control system, representing the most significant change of the upgrades with the Kayfun Lite Plus.

AEROKON Air Flow Control is the first system for MTL rebuildable atomizers that restricts the airflow directly below the coil, at the exit port. This causes the air flow to accelerate and distributes air evenly around the coil, which leads to:
•Better performance with tight MTL+ setups (1.2mm airflow and less)
•More flavour production
•Optimized vapour saturation
•Sealed 510 connector

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