KINGSTON MENTHOL 50/50 - 100ml

Steam Island IoW LTD

£12.00 £15.00

All the cold Flavours in one place. And these are blended in 50/50, so they will run trough your Pod system or small device without problems. 


Heisenberg, with a different name. One of the most popular flavors amongst vapers across the country. Ideal as an all-day vape.


Chuckleberry… made by accident, loved by all. This Kingston Chuckleberry is a Zingberry and Red A combo that is ideal for vapers who love red berries and dark fruits with a cool menthol blast.

Blackcurrant Chill

Kingston Blackcurrant chill has a refreshingly fruity blackcurrant on the inhale and a cool iced menthol blast on the exhale.

Cherry Chill

Just like Cherry Tunes. Kingston Cherry Chill has a sweet cherry taste on the inhale and a cool iced menthol blast on the exhale. Leaves you wanting more time after time.


Clean and Pure. The one for the true Menthol lovers.

Blueberry Raspberry Menthol

Refreshing all-day liquid, with fresh Blueberries and ripe Raspberries

Tropical Fruits and Berries Menthol

Refreshing tropical fruits, mixed with Ripe Berries toped up with cool menthol

Super Ice Menthol

Super cool, super cold, super Icy.

Red A

It's a Red Astaire all the way.

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