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Externally, you can easily see it in our photos, the marriage of steel and ultem, the work on opacity and transparency make a precise idea of elegance according to Vaponaute. Made from Ultem, very clean, and stainless steel (SS316L), the line is classic and efficient. All we are looking for a dripper, a tool on a daily basis. Its size, 22 mm in diameter, for 23,5mm height (excluding drip tip, not supplied) gives a good balance to your set-up. The base takes the name "Vaponaute, Paris", the "Made in France", the name of the atomizer and its serial number.
Many possibilities
It is during the dismantling that we remain astonished of the atirail deployed by the Turbo to produce its steam. At first, by removing the airflow adjustment ring, the revealing body is entirely made of Ultem. It is rare to see a piece in ultem as finely worked. It contains the secret of airflow tuning. There are no less than seven (!!) positions:
- oblong de 2 mm x 5 mm
- 3 holes of 1,5 mm
- 2 holes of 1,5 mm
- 1 hole of 1,5 mm
- 3 holes of 1,2 mm
- 2 holes of 1.,2 mm
- 1 hole of 1,2 mm
Add to that the outer ring that allows a second level of adjustment, and you will find your happiness with this adjustment ultra precise. So we go from an open draw to something very restrictive, without loss in passing. Very well done. Equipped with a classic pine, you can also make it shine Bottom feeder (including pin, tool clamping too).

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