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Beautiful aesthetic which suits everyone
Compact size
Feels good in hand
Easy to use
Interesting and well-thought small details
Possibilities of change different panels buttons etc
And this is what we have got - Passport AIO

Size - thickness=22mm width=55mm and the height is only 70mm
Weight - 78g(without battery and boro)
Chip - DNA 60 large screen
Material - High quality PET body, 304 SS top plate and bottom plate with PVD coating, PMMA buttons and panels(all the buttons, panels are interchangeable)
Color - metal black + PET black + black transparent panels to combine a different but harmonious black look

The body will have two different engraving, one on the outer body and one on the inside where the panel covered, another different engraving on the stock panel as you can see in the picture

Also asymmetry design around the battery to make sure it brings comfort with you holding it in hands

Last but not least and most importantly - Type C port for charging and data

Please note, NO drip tip is included with this device

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