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One-off Stab wood SBS device.


The SBS weighs just shy of 120g without the sleeve, takes up to 24mm atties, has a total height of 81mm and a drop of 32mm and can be used either as a battery + 510 tube setup, or with an added magnetic insert between the two tubes or with a full sleeve or half sleeve which slides onto the mod and is held in place by magnets and further secured by the battery cap.

The battery cap serves also as a base for the inserts you can see in the photos, which can be machined to a desired height to match the height of a specific atty.

The design is fully modular and user serviceable with chip options being either the Evolv DNA60 or Dicodes BF60 which come pre assembled on dedicated cradles and are interchangeable. The DNA60 version has an update port via a provided dongle.

The 510 is spring loaded, which allows you to position the airflow holes in a desired position then lock the atty in place and close the gap with the 510 ring.

The package contents are:
- Stainless steel mod with a 21mm (same diameter as the battery tube) battery cap
- 22mm 510 ring
- 24mm 510 ring
- USB dongle (For the DNA version)

- Full sleeve or half sleeve options come with the 24mm battery cap which secures the sleeves in place.

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