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The Snorky Box is made by Häze in Iceland. This mechanical bottom-feeder box distinguishes itself from the other BF boxes on the market. Unlike other BF boxes, the Snorky Box has got curved shapes. The box is 3D printed (EX black) and offers a nice hand hold with soft touch. It has a regular size (75,4X(36,5-30,5)X65,6mm). The name is engraved at the front of the box and the modder's logo just overhead the squonking window. The box will please the vapers looking for an original and well worked mod!

Physical features

Size: 75,4X(36,5-30,5)X65,6mm

Construction: 3D printed box - EX black



Concerning the performances, the Snorky Box also creates the surprise. Indeed, unlike most of the bottom-feeder boxes on the market, the Snorky Box works with a 26650 battery! Pretty rare thing right?! You'll get it, the box offers more autonomy than the other BF boxes on the market! It's equipped with the "Colt 38" connector made of 316L in Italy, one of the best BF connector you can currently find on the market! The large copper strips ensure durability and conductivity.

In other words, the Snorky Box is original in its conception and really efficient! Thanks Häze!

Technical features

- Mechanical bottom-feeder box

- 26650 battery (not included)

- Connector made of 316L

- Strip made of copper

 Kit content

- Snorky BF box

- 1 Supersoft Original Bottle

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