Squonk¹ BF by Darwin Mods UK

Steam Island IoW LTD


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Exclusively at Steam Island, these units are hand-picked by us, and blessed by Eddie

Always produced in very small batches in the UK, Darwin mods have been around since the evolution of vaping, and never disappointed.

Woody Edition - Made using stunning stabilised wood supplied by Chris Scott Mods. 

Delrin Edition - Available in Black or White

Darwin Mods Squonk¹ 18650 Mechanical squonk mod.

Dimension 80mmX48mmx29mm  

V2.5- ModMaker 510, 22mm catch cup. 

Goldilocks Silicone bottle by Stealthvape UK.

Gold plated bannana connectors, copper switch tab brass contact.

Berrylium Copper spring bottom battery contact.

Powerful N52 magnets. 

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