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The new Sturdy RBA is available now!

- Diameter : 20.0mm
- Height : 34.8mm
- Weight : 18.4g
- 4.5mm diameter chimney

- PCTG (Clear) Dot sized proprietary tank
- SS316 (Food Grade) chimneys, cap, deck, base, Dot adapter
- SS316 (Food Grade) slotted post screws
- SS304 airflow pins
- PEEK insulators
- Black PEEK & Brass Boro adapter
- Silicone & Nitrile orings/Fill plug

- Dual platform friendly (Dot & Boro)
- Direct wicking system for constant juiceflow
- Reduced chamber cap with dome system for flavor
- Built-in 510 threading for easy coil building
- Coil trapping leads for easy coil installation
- Reverse threaded chimney to avoid Boro dumps
- Spare kit provided in case you lose something
- Support coils up to a maximum of 3.5mm in diameter
- 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm (installed), 3.0mm & 3.5mm airflow pins provided
- Takes 4.15-4.20mls of juice in Dot mode (measured with water because juice has various viscosities)

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