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SVT Crossbow by Swiss Vaping Technology

Meet the Crossbow, SVT's RBA bridge concept for Billet Box rev4  Boro tank (no Rev3 or less) and compatible tank systems.

With the Crossbow, Swiss Vaping Technology has tried to offer a high-standard RBA bridge for the Billet, satisfying a wide range of vaping profiles. Utilising high quality materials, abiding with international product regulations and paying attention to details as diligently as possible. The Crossbow is quite high precision in terms of vaping and manufacturing.

This RBA takes advantage of many familiar elements of basic atomizer design, incorporated in an unfamiliar shape and form. Just think of it though: On second thought, a box fits better inside a box

With five Air Flow Inserts choices to reduce air flow, the Crossbow is suitable for a wide range of vaping profiles, from MTL to DTL.


What’s in the box

1 Crossbow : First-rate materials, 304 stainless steel and all insulators made in PEEK.

The kit contains AFC modular made in PC-ABS and spare screws.

Inserts size (White 0.8mmX0.8mm, Red 0.8mm, Blu 1mm, Yellow 1.2mm, Orange 1.5mm, without reduction 2mm)

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