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The Wicket Morta is the most exclusive Wicket so far. The Morta is made by a block of wood found in the 70's on the bed of the Great Morava river in Serbia. The wood is dated to be over 7000 years old, and it has been stabilized to seal off it's naturally occurring porous structure. The wood itself resembles of stone.
5 units ever made. 1 of them remain with an admin from the Limelight group, and the other 4 are available to purchase from Steam Island UK.
These Wickets are extremely rare, and they can be fully appreciated once is in your hands.

Morta body, with Stainless steel tube and buttons.
We are proud to present the Wicket family!
The idea behind the Wicket series was to create clean, light, durable and affordable mods intended as everyday carry devices.
The perk of this design is the achieved customization level. Once ready to order, you will have the freedom to choose each aspect of the mods such as the body material, tube finish, visible or non visible tube and much more.
In order to meet the above, the 510 system as we know it was re imagined on the Wicket series. The 510 is adjustable by tightening or loosening the battery cap. This means the battery compartment and the 510 have no springs or small parts making it more durable and it consists of 6 pieces total. It's also completely liquid tight.
The following models will be available:
Wicket 18650 DNA60 (With USB)
Wicket 18650 Regulated - 79x35x24mm

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