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Extremely compact and elegant, in perfect Ennequadro mods style! 

only 22 mm in  depth, will be really comfortable to take in hand.
With the B22 you'll enjoy your boro experience at its best!
Built with a case of Anodized Aluminum and a Stainless steel top plate is designed to be solid!
As every regulated Ennequadro mod is made without cables, only solid contacts on the board and only 3 solder points.
This improves your experience, the battery's life, and internal resistance.
Is compatible with boro tank by BBV (not included), 510 nut is proprietaries but is compatible with some accessories for BBV*
Dna60 board comes with a custom firmware and all the commons  TC profiles pre-uploaded.

Almost all the process (excluding the CNC carving) is made by hand and made by us in our Lab. This means the stainless steel finish is handmade, the aluminum finish and sanding (before the chemical HARD ANODIZING) is handmade, all is assembled by us from zero, from boards to the magnets all is done by us one by one and all these steps need a lot of time.
For this reason, every mod is unique and can be slightly different from another, the double treatment on the aluminum can generate little areas with different shine: this and any other possible small Flaw is a characteristic of the artistic handmade product and should be considered a quality of the item itself. 

Dimensions: 22 x 48 x 82 mm
Materials: Aluminum anodized for the body, Stainless steel for the top plate, Delrin for buttons

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