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Billet Box is very famous in the vaping world. It's a true "Unicorn" for a lot of users. Billet Box Vapor offers a prestige electronic box with an "all in one" system including a tank and a  space for atomizers.

The first versions of Billet Box by Billet Box Vapor appeared on the market beginning of 2013 and has become a true standard for a lot of users, but it kept evolving a lot. It became a legend and unicorn in the vaping world and a lot of users have been chasing it for a log time!

Billet Box is worshipped for its ingenuity and its ultra compact conception. The box totally deserves its great reputation!

… that has evolved

The current versions of Billet Box can be equipped with different atomizers: Billet Bridges, Kangaroo, Diver, UNO, Sophia, Exocet by Hellfire Mods, or the recent Vapeshell by Atmizone.

We're offering the latest version of it. Rev.4B equipped with the famous DNA60 big screen.

But Billet Box is really good in customization! The producer offers a lot of different colours and materials. Rare things for a rare item!

A parallel market is born, showing the strong interest in this small parallelepiped. Stab or natural wood, resin and even damask door panels are available! A lot of producers and modders work on those different accessories and help building the legend.

Billet Box by Billet Box Vapor is delivered with:

- OCC Coil Adapter x1

- Replacement O-Rings

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