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The Flave Evo 22 looks like The Flave 22 but comes with a few changes! The base remains the same: 22mm diameter but we can notice that the dripper is shorter than its brother. It has a "low profile" design and loses height compared to the older version.
There are a few changes concerning the drip tip that now is in two pieces: a base and end piece. The external edges of the drip tip are thicker and offer a rounded style! This new drip tip that is made of Ultem avoids the top cap to heat up and offers a more enjoyable vape.
The atomizer is made of SS but we can fell the evolution made by AllianceTech Vapor in terms of finish which are thinner.
A few changes in terms of vaping!
We all do know it, the flavor rendering of Flaves is amazing and not to prove anymore. But the atomizers offer an airy draw! Well, a few changes come with the airflow of Flave EVO 22. We can count 4 holes (2x2) on the top cap that is adjustable on two different positions: 4 holes for a airy draw and 2 holes for a tighter draw.
On the whole, the deck remains the same: an easy single coil to build hanks to the notches on the edges of the deck and a milled deck base to welcome more juice in it! We can notice that the screws are different, they are bigger and easier to screw/unscrew and you'll be able to use different screwdrivers on it. It's never been easier to put your coil on a deck!
Just like the other Flaves, Flave EVO 22is delivered with classic Pin and BF Pin. You'll be able to use it on your favorite box!
The Team's opinion
AllianceTech Vapor offers us a return to its roots with the Flave EVO 22. The changes offer more possibilities and increase the pleasure by use. We also like the new design and the backwards compatibility with some accessories!
The Flave EVO 22 by AllianceTech Vapor is delivered with:
- Classic Pin x1
- BF Pin x1
- Spare parts

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