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The Flave Tank by Alliancetech Vapor

Alliancetech Vapor is a well known French brand. They create Mods, Atomizers, Drip Tips and accessories 100% Made in France. Specialized in precision work, their success is due to a great mix of skills: computer science, aeronautical engineering and a flawless knowledge of vaping!

The release of The Flave a few weeks ago was accompanied by very good feedback from the vapers. Alliancetech Vapor can quickly launch the realization of an alternative version, equipped with a tank!

A sleek design

The Flave Tank is elegant and has great lines. Its 22mm deck gives the Flave an important figure, and the current market allows its size without worries. The atomizer welcomes an Ultem wide bore drip tip on top. Its height is much more reasonable than many of the cloud atomizers with the same diameter recently released. 


Alliancetech Vapor likes precision work, noble materials and the greatest accuracy. And we are not disappointed. The joints are adjusted, and the stainless steel brings a little more aesthetics. The atomizer comes with a spare set, and a gold plated BF pin. Everything you need to make the most of it!

Cut for flavors

The most important for us is going to be the flavor render of the Flave Tank. Its design immediately reminds us of some great atomizers of the same kind. Between Psyclone's Hadaly and Odis's O-Atty, and on the same principle as the Soul S of Van & Del.

The 2 building posts are located on either side of the atomizer. The coil easily fits into the central channel, created to accept as much liquid as possible and prevent airflow leaks. Open to the maximum, the vape is aerial. But you can adjust it by a simple rotation of the top cap.

The rendering is great. With a good build, the airflow adjusted to your taste, The Flave Tank directly is leveling up. The know-how of Alliancetech Vapor, combined with the best in terms of dripper gives us a simple result of use, and excellent rendering!

What's new!

This new version of the atomizer, soberly called The Flave Tank is as its name indicates equipped with a tank. The capacity is 2ml, some will find it low, but is compensated 2 way. On the one hand a filling hole is present on the atomizer tray with a small plug (the latter is more there to reassure the user, no leakage to be deplored even in his absence) and on the other hand The Flave Tank is bottom feeder ready. In the line of the Split, Gaia or other In'ax BF, you can fill the tank with a turn of the hand via the squonk!

Flave RDA/RDTA Technical Specifications by AllianceTech:

- RDTA Atomizer

- Manufactured by AllianceTech in France

- Diameter: 22mm

- Made of stainless steel

- Single coil

- Drip Tip in ultem

- Gold Plated BF pin

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