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Kuma is the first RTA made by Ennequardo mods

Smooth double side airflow, easy to rebuild and large capacity. With all the accessories already included, you'll be sure to find the perfect setup.

Changing chamber and airflows is easy and it can be done with the full tank.


Material: ss 316L + PC tank

Diameter: 22mm

Height (from base without drip tip): 34 mm

Capacity: 2ml - 4,5 ml

Packaging includes:

- The Kuma RTA with the ss drip tip

- 3 different chambers (45°, plain, stairs)

- 2 airpins 0,9 mm hole diameter (installed)

- 2 airpins 1,0 mm hole diameter

- 2 airpins 1,2 mm hole diameter

- 2 airpins 1,4 mm hole diameter

- 1 airpin closed

- Spare parts

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