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Moka is the latest RTA from Ennequardo mods ITA
Bottom airflow with top-feeding systems (like the kuma rta)
Designed to maximize the performance thanks to the "virtual chamber reduction": the dome of the 3 chambers is lowered on the coil, this allow the maximum concentration of the flavor in the center part without increasing the temperature.
The 3 chambers change completely the experience: you need to try them all to find your sweet spot.
bottom airflow is designed to fit all the different need with 8 airpins included: 1.0mm, 1,2mm, 1,5mm, 1,8mm, 2.0 mm, 2x0,8mm, 2x1.0mm , 4x0,8mm.
Made in ss 316L have a glass tank with a capacity of 4,4 ml, a spare glass tank is included too like the generous spare bag.

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